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Garage Door Lock Installation

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Garage door locks are extremely useful in preventing intruders from entering your home. Installing a garage door lock can be simple or complex, depending on what type of lock you’re looking to get for your home.

Different Lock Types

You might find that one type of garage door lock suits your needs better than another. It’s best to understand the function of the different types to choose the right one for your home.


Installed on the inside of the garage door, the side bolt lock is one of the most common types of garage door locks found on the market today. It’s harder to be tampered with because it’s not on the outside, thwarting any would-be burglars. The side bolt garage door lock consists of a bolt and slideable slot. You simply slide the bolt into its resting position, within the slot, to lock the garage. Keep in mind that if you have an electronic garage door opener, if you keep the side bolt locked, it could damage the door.


Tried and true, T-handle locks are commonly found on metal garage doors. The T-handle lock cannot be opened without its key. The key itself is not a conventional key, but one shaped like a cylinder and it’s very difficult to make a copy. The downside is that it is manual and located on the outside of the garage door, making it somewhat inconvenient.


With the keyless garage door lock, you can create a pin which can be entered into the keypad. Pins can and should be changed from time to time.

Not using any of these methods of protection can leave you, your family, and all of the belongings in danger. Understanding the different types of garage door locks and choosing one that works for you can give you peace of mind. For a quality garage door lock installation, call us to learn more about affordable services by US Garage Door Heroes

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