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New Garage Door Cable

A garage door serves many different purposes, but its primary job is to keep your belongings safe from harsh weather conditions. For that, you need a garage door that’s reliable and well maintained. Over time, parts inside a garage door start to rust, wear down, and eventually break. That’s why you need an experienced professional for your garage door cable repair needs.

With years of experience serving the state of Arizona, we know a thing or two about garage door repair, especially in desert climates and extreme heat. Typically, a broken or frayed garage door cable will cause uneven opening or force the door to fall off its track. This can be very costly. It’s best to replace garage door cables before they completely break. You can do this by learning to spot damaged cables and then call US Garage Door Heroes for friendly advice for fixing it or a free quote for repairs.

It can be dangerous to inspect these high-tension cables on your own; that’s why our team is standing by to come and fix any problems with an experienced hand, ensuring the top-notch garage door cable repair.

What exactly does a garage door cable do?

When you open the garage door each day, you can see the cables roll up. Likewise, when you close your door, the cables give slack and eventually extend to the exact height of the door.

How to Check for broken, frayed, or snapped garage doors?

1. Look and Listen

Take the time each week to stop, inspect, and listen to your garage door and see if there’s more noise than usual, violent jerks, or if the door is slower to open and close.

2. Check the Cables

Take the time each week to stop, inspect, and listen to your garage door and see if there’s more noise than usual, violent jerks, or if the door is slower to open and close.

High tension cables are DANGEROUS, to say the least. They hold enough pressure to harm and even kill. That’s why you should have a trained professional replace them for you. You can, however, inspect your cables and look for fraying, damage, rust, broken cables, etc.

We offer services at affordable prices but do not compromise on quality! We only rely on quality products and materials to serve our customers. Contact the experts at US Garage Door Heroes today to get a free quote and advice on garage door cable repairs.

Quality Garage Door Parts & Service

Repairs and replacement for all types of garage doors, tracks, springs, rollers, panels, cables, motors, remote controls. Advice, repairs, installation & maintenance.

Garage Door Repair Services in Arizona

A broken garage door is not only an inconvenience but it can also be a security risk, we promise to respond to all service calls as quickly as possible.

The professionals at US Garage Door Heroes has been serving the Arizona community for many years, striving to provide superior garage door repair service at most competitive rates. Our certified, friendly and experienced technicians will get your garage working perfectly again.

Garage Door Maintenance

When a garage door is working but barely, or something doesn’t just seem right. You can avoid a larger repair bill when you give us a call at (480) 900-6657 for advice on how to fix minor issues yourself, and get a free quote if it’s not something you can repair yourself.

Same-Day Service

Prompt service made us one of the best and most dependable garage door repair companies in Phoenix Arizona and we intend to keep it that way. When you contact us, we’ll arrange a time that best suits you for an experienced member of our team be ready at your door to assess and possibly repair the problem the same day.

Free Advice & Quote

The reason why our valued customers recommend US Garage Door Heroes to their friends and neighbors is that we believe in providing good old fashion customer service. Call us now at (480) 900-6657 and we’ll try to help you fix the problem over the phone, absolutely free.

5 Reasons to Choose US Garage Door Heroes

Same Day Service

We promptly service Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Phoenix, Glendale, Paradise Valley, Chandler, Tempe and other locations in Arizona

Industry Leading Parts

We only use parts from the top manufacturers to ensure durability at an affordable price.

Competitive Pricing

Feel confident you’re getting a good deal with our affordable pricing and no hidden fees.

Local & Family Owned

We take pride in our work and hope to make the Valley of the Sun a better place one garage at a time.

Knowledgable Technicians

We vet all our technicians to make sure they deliver the quality we expect. Check out our 5-star rating on Google with over 100 reviews!

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